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Study, realization
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Our offer ranges in several packaging modes: Flowpack, high-level thermoshrinking with single-pleat film (CRYOVAC type), Processing and solutions in paper goods or other materials such as blisters, PVC, PET, non-woven fabric, organdie.

We are able to perform special manual processing too.

We correct mistakes and we carry out visual quality control.

We apply hot and cold glue or special glues. We prepare special mailings.

We complete the offer with the possibility of ink-jet marking with an indelible ink jet.


We realize flowpack packaging of objects, flyers and others objects in small and large sizes, with different materials from the simple transparent polypropylene film, to those printed or coupled with metal or paper, or using odor barrier films for particular objects aimed to food industry. We are always at the forefront in the use of new materials, offering ecological and biodegradable packaging solutions.


We work with automatic and semi-automatic ovens, even with special films, optimizing the production with dedicated lines, without problems of object sizes.


We are able to apply rivets, eyelets, STUDs and concealed screws (we supply them directly), to brochures, cards, blocks and more…

Application of glue

If there are special needs, we could use cold glue or adhesives or bi-adhesives always in accordance with the customer’s needs .We apply manually or in semi automatic, sachet on magazines, with removable hot glue.

Fitting of exhibitors

Personalized fittings for the promotional

Manual processing

Projects and processings require manual application and precision such as special folds, special packaging methods, mistakes correction on products and on packaging, manual, semi-automatic and automatic labeling.

Paper goods

Processing and solutions in paper goods or other materials (blisters, PVC, PET, non-woven fabric, organdie, …)

Ink-jet marking

Marking batch of production directly on flowpack, marking of expiration date on paper goods, cosmetic or other products.

Special mailings

Management of special logistics that require, division into a multiple lots, control, packaging and special packaging.


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